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Hern joins Pompeo, RSC to introduce ‘Max Pressure Act’

  • Rep. Hern, RSC Chair Jim Banks, Secretary Mike Pompeo

Representative Kevin Hern (OK-01) joined former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and members of the Republican Study Committee to introduce the Max Pressure Act this morning. The Max Pressure Act codifies the Trump Administration’s maximum pressure campaign on Iran, putting sanctions in place to prevent Iran from obtaining the materials necessary to build a nuclear weapon.

“Secretary Pompeo and President Trump’s maximum pressure campaign proved to be a successful strategy,” said Rep. Hern. “Now, Biden has reversed course and is working to re-establish the Iran Deal, opening the door to Iran developing nuclear weapons. The Trump Administration’s America First policies kept Americans safe and protected our ally, Israel. I’m glad to have former Secretary Pompeo as a partner in this effort, his leadership at the State Department set the tone for the effective foreign policy strategy of the Trump Administration and ensured that American priorities were protected around the world.”

Rep. Hern, RSC Chairman Jim Banks, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and members of the Republican Study Committee announce the Max Pressure Act

The Max Pressure Act accomplishes three things:

Empowers Congress to ensure a successful, long-tern Iran strategy by stopping the Biden administration from re-entering the Iran Deal and providing unprecedented Congressional review.

  • The bill would make it a statement of policy that any new deal with Iran should be a treaty ratified by the Senate.
  • The bill would limit the President’s ability to abuse waiver and license authorities and puts sunsets on the President’s waiver and license authorities, requiring Congress to renew such authorities.

Codifies the Trump Administration’s maximum pressure campaign, a proven and successful strategy.

  • The bill codifies into law the sanctions issued by the Trump Administration and prohibits their termination unless and until the President can certify to Congress that Iran has met all 12 demands that former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo laid out in May 2018 as part of the initial maximum pressure campaign, as well as a new 13th demand related to human rights and accountability.

Expands Iran sanctions, making them the toughest sanctions Congress has introduced on Iran.

  • The bill authorizes new sanctions on individuals assisting Iran’s ballistic missile program, the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), and Iranian-backed terrorist militias in the Middle East.

Rep. Hern joins 83 Members of Congress as a co-sponsor of the Max Pressure Act. The bill is sponsored by RSC Chairman Jim Banks (IN-03).

The full bill text can be found here.