Library of Congress Surplus Books Program

The Library of Congress has thousands of books, maps, photographs, and educational materials covering an endless array of topics, reading levels and languages that cannot be shelved for use at the Library. These items are assembled in the Surplus Division, and are available free of charge to schools, community centers, and other tax-exempt organizations in the First District.

My office can request that a shelf be started on your behalf at the Library of Congress. Books that fit your needs will be collected, boxed and shipped directly to you.

If you’re interested in starting a shelf at the Library of Congress, or want to learn more about the program, please contact Hanna Pritchett,, with the following information:

       • School/Organization Name
       • Reading Level, Language, and Subjects of Interest
       • Tax Exempt Number
       • Mailing Address
       • Point of Contact Name, Title, Email Address, and Phone Number