Juan was wrong, Trump will be remembered as one of the greats

By Representative Kevin Hern for The Hill

Earlier this week, I read an article from Juan Williams that said all President Trump will be remembered for is bungling the COVID-19 response. He couldn’t be more wrong.

Members of cancel culture and the left-wing media do their best to promote “controversy”. They want to turn politics into a reality TV show to grow ratings and followers. This was most obvious in the media during President Trump’s four years in office, and it’s evident today with claims like this from Juan Williams.   

Like many Americans, when I look back on the Trump presidency, I see four years of unprecedented achievement. I see fearless leadership from a man who wasn’t chasing the favorability of the media and didn’t care what his opponents thought of him. I see a President who fought for America first and stood against socialist policies, critics be damned.

President Trump was a breath of fresh air; a politician who lived up to the promises he made on the campaign trail, a politician who had no experience in politics, a politician who brought real-world experience to the Oval Office. That’s what inspired me to run for Congress in the first place, seeing a businessman use private-sector skills to run the government. Watching his success made me realize that not only was there a place for me in government, but my experience was a necessity.

President Trump cared about working-class Americans. He cared about the men and women who grow our food, build our roads, make the clothes we wear, and bring life to main street. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act resulted in tax cuts for workers and job creators alike. His pro-growth economic policies resulted in the greatest economy our country has ever seen. Record-low unemployment rates, especially for women and minorities, contributed to the unprecedented economy under President Trump.

It doesn’t stop there.

President Trump was committed to moderating peace between countries who haven’t spoken to each other in our lifetime. Everyone said he was crazy to try, but not only did he try – he succeeded. American foreign policy took tremendous steps forward under President Trump because the world knew they were dealing with a leader who followed through. No more apology tours, no more backpedaling, no more empty promises. Future generations will study Trump’s strategy on foreign policy and try their best to replicate it.

President Trump is the first president in recent memory to not start a single new war. He brought thousands of our troops home, decreasing our military presence overseas and reuniting American soldiers with their families.

One of President Trump’s biggest victories is at our southern border. Over 450 miles of new and replaced border wall was built under his presidency, and illegal crossings hit generational lows as a direct result of his policies.

For the first time ever, America was a net exporter of crude oil under President Trump. An aggressive goal of not only energy-independence, but energy-dominance brought gas prices down and strengthened the energy workforce.

Biden’s first action as president decimated oil and gas workers, putting tens of thousands out of work and forcing prices to skyrocket at the pump.

President Trump was faced with an unprecedented crisis last year when COVID-19 began to shut down the country, put millions of Americans out of work, and caused a crisis in our healthcare system. He leapt into action, appointing the second-highest-ranking person in our government to lead the Coronavirus Task Force.

Operation Warp Speed is a once-in-a-lifetime accomplishment that I strongly believe could not have happened under any president but Donald Trump. There is nothing to compare it to in history, that’s how important and impactful it is – not only for Americans, but for the entire world. Any successes the Biden Administration is experiencing on the vaccine front are a direct result of President Trump and Operation Warp Speed.

The fact that Biden continues to say he had to start from zero is reprehensible – even liberal journalists are starting to question him on it. Biden claimed the vaccine wasn’t out until he was President, but he was vaccinated long before taking the oath of office.

On the campaign trail, Vice President Kamala Harris went so far as to say she wouldn’t trust a vaccine developed under the Trump presidency, but she received that vaccine before Inauguration Day as well – and now the Biden administration is taking credit for it.

Now, thanks to Operation Warp Speed and President Donald Trump, millions of Americans are receiving one of three approved COVID vaccines every day.

So, Juan was right – President Trump will be remembered for his response to COVID-19, but he will be remembered for taking control in a crisis and orchestrating one of the most impressive medical achievements in our history.

Democrats who continue to trivialize and demean the historic accomplishments of the Trump administration only hurt themselves in the long run, proving they’re more committed to insulting a man no longer in office than doing any real work themselves.

I look forward to a day when Americans can look past their hatred and admit that Donald Trump was the most effective, impactful, and forward-thinking president we’ve ever had.