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Rep. Hern reacts to Pelosi’s impeachment announcement

Representative Kevin Hern (OK-01) released this statement following House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announcement this afternoon to begin an impeachment inquiring into President Donald Trump.

“The left has proven that they can and will spin anything into an impeachment frenzy. Their MO is to call for impeachment first and sort through the facts later,” said Rep. Hern. “They wasted 2 years and tens of millions of taxpayer dollars investigating the President’s ties to Russia during the campaign, promising it would lead to incrimination and impeachment, but found nothing. President Trump has been a successful and effective President, our booming economy is proof that his policies work. But the Democrats will do anything to halt his progress. They’ve wasted their first 9 months in the majority – they have no legislative accomplishments to speak of!”

Rep. Hern continued, “Instead of showing leadership for the American people, they cannot take their focus away from impeachment and halting President Trump’s success. Today’s announcement is just another ring in their impeachment circus, further proving that their caucus is dysfunctional, chaotic, and blind to the desires of the American people.”