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RSC unveils FY 24 Budget: Protecting America’s Economic Security

WASHINGTON, DC – Republican Study Committee Chairman Kevin Hern (OK-01) and RSC’s Budget and Spending Task Force Chairman Ben Cline (VA-06) unveiled the RSC’s Fiscal Year 2023 Budget proposal today, titled “Protecting America’s Economic Security”.


The RSC Budget is a thorough plan to address our federal spending problem and start paying down our debts. The FY ’24 budget balances in seven years, cuts spending by $16.3 Trillion over 10 years, and reduces taxes by $5.1 Trillion over 10 years.


Chairman Kevin Hern said, “I’m proud of the work Ben and our task force members have put into this budget. Our conservative values are on display on every page. Our budget proves that fiscal responsibility is the only way to lower inflation, grow the economy, cut federal spending, empower taxpayers, and protect small businesses. Congress controls the purse strings, but we the House has failed to produce a budget year after year after year. Everyone has to balance their budget – governors, mayors, businesses, families – but not Congress. Nearly every problem facing our government can be traced back to our failure to both pass a budget and stick to it. The Republican Study Committee has a budget, and it balances in just seven years. Our budget is real, and it’s floor-ready. It’s time to get our country back on track!”


Budget Task Force Chair Ben Cline said, “For years, Congress’ out-of-control spending and failure to pass a budget have got us into a debt disaster. It’s no wonder countless American families are struggling to make ends meet. Under the Biden Administration’s plan, our economy will take a one-way ticket to insolvency. That is unacceptable, and our country cannot afford to keep kicking the can down the road with more bad policies. The Republican Study Committee’s budget prioritizes commonsense policies that curb inflationary spending, save taxpayer dollars, empower the American worker, and preserve the conservative values our great country was founded on. Our budget actually works for the American people, not against them. It’s far past time that Washington tightens the purse strings and balances the budget, just like families across America have to do every day.”


The Budget is made up of over 220 individual bills and initiatives from RSC Members.


Rep. Bob Good said, “America is sick and tired of the out-of-control spending coming from Washington. The RSC budget presents a real solution to our nation's spending problem by balancing the Federal Government's budget in 7 years, funding construction for the border wall, and defunding the left's woke agenda. As a member of the Budget and Spending Taskforce, I support the RSC’s Budget proposal, a true conservative plan to put America back on track. Thank you to RSC Budget Chairman Cline and RSC Chairman Hern for their leadership in this effort."


Rep. Josh Brecheen said, “The Republican Study Committee’s budget includes commonsense, responsible policies that would help our nation tackle its $31.5 trillion national debt and restore prosperity in America. The plan would balance the budget in seven years, secure the border, and fight back against the Biden Administration’s weaponized regulatory state. Economic security is national security and our nation risks falling off a fiscal cliff if we do not change course. I thank RSC Chair Kevin Hern for his steadfast leadership and commitment to returning fiscal sanity to Washington.”


Rep. Doug LaMalfa said, “I’m glad to see these important bill included in RSC’s proposed budget. Restoring freedoms to American citizens and reducing spending are important goals for Congress. We must reduce spending and get ahold of the unaccountable bureaucracy now.”


Rep. Clay Higgins said, “Through executive decree, Biden halted construction on our border wall, created large security gaps, reversed deterrent-focused Trump policies, and made endless public statements in 2020 about open borders and transforming America into a sanctuary nation. These weak policies are directly responsible for the border crisis and have become a serious threat to our Republic. America demands effective border security. Completing the new wall system is critical to that mission, and House Republicans are offering real solutions.”


Rep. David Schweikert said, "These critical pieces of legislation help expand access to innovative health care technologies and make much-needed reforms to SSDI to ensure entitlement programs remain protected for future generations. With our national debt rapidly approaching $32 trillion, we must embrace 21st century technology-based care to disrupt the cost of health care and reduce expenses for American families, while also promoting policies that protect and preserve Social Security and Medicare for our nation's seniors."


Rep. Buddy Carter said, “Your first amendment rights don’t go away when you put on a white coat. The Pharmacist Conscience Protection Act, included in the RSC FY 2024 budget, will ensure that pharmacists are able to make the medical decisions that are best for the health of the mother, the life of the child, and the integrity of their practice without threats from non-medically trained bureaucrats. Medical decisions should be made between doctors, pharmacists, and patients - not the federal government.”


Rep. Barry Loudermilk said, “Surveys show that over three-fourths of Americans are either angry or frustrated with the federal government, and an overwhelming majority of our citizens do not believe that the government works for their benefit. A big reason for this is the fact it can take over a year to dismiss a bad employee. The MERIT Act is a huge step to creating a more efficient and effective government that works for the people, streamlining the process and lessening the time it takes to dismiss poor performing or negligent employees.”


Rep. Brian Babin said, “Taxpayers shouldn’t be on the hook to bail out the pension and retirement systems of states and local governments, many of which are plagued by mismanagement and outright corruption. The State and Local Pensions Accountability and Security Act, my bill included in the RSC’s FY24 Budget, will block federal funds from being used to bail out fiscally irresponsible state, municipal, and local governments that mishandle their pension plans. American taxpayers should never be forced to pay for abortions. I’m proud that my bill, the Protecting Life in Crisis Act, was included in the RSC’s FY24 Budget to prohibit federal funds from going toward abortions or abortion coverage. As the Left continues pushing its anti-life agenda, we must take every step to protect our unborn.”


Rep. David Rouzer said, “We drive down spending with good budgets that enact budgetary policy reforms and by passing appropriations bills that align with those budgets. The RSC budget provides a great blueprint to do this, and I’m proud my legislation, the Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients Act, was included. By providing a path to a balanced federal budget and maintaining pro-growth policies that will generate more revenue, we can put America back on track to prosperity.”


Rep. Drew Ferguson said, “For the past two years, the Biden Administration and Congressional Democrats have worked to inflate the unchecked power of the IRS by implementing a broad financial surveillance regime – putting the financial information of millions of Americans at risk. This surveillance is an invasion of privacy and it's in every Americans best interest that we protect their private financial information. By hiring 87,000 new agents to harass and audit thousands of hardworking families, farmers, and small businesses without probable cause, the Democrat’s intent to weaponize the IRS is crystal clear and this important legislation stops this radical, big-government overreach.”


Rep. Ron Estes said, "Budgets reflect priorities, and including my Protecting Individuals with Down Syndrome Act in the 2023 RSC budget underscores the RSC's commitment to protecting the precious lives of the most vulnerable among us. Just because a person has one more chromosome doesn't mean their life is worth any less."


Rep. Claudia Tenney said, “American taxpayers deserve to be informed about where their hard-earned money went during the pandemic and exactly how it was spent. As a member of the Republican Study Committee, I am pleased to see that RSC is leading the charge and taking the initiative to enhance government accountability and transparency by including my Transparency in COVID-19 Expenditures Act in its budget. Full accountability must start with a thorough examination of all tax dollars that were spent. The financial fraud following the COVID-19 pandemic was unprecedented and it is imperative that we provide a full and robust accounting down to the penny.”


Rep. Bob Latta said, “The people I represent in Ohio’s Fifth District expect and deserve the federal government to safeguard their hard-earned tax dollars, cut frivolous spending, and rein in the oversized and unchecked federal bureaucracy. By slashing $16 trillion dollars in spending, making the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act permanent, and unleashing North American energy production, the FY ’24 Republican Study Committee’s budget begins this worthwhile endeavor. I’m pleased to have helped play a role in crafting this budget, which includes two of my priorities: the Define WOTUS Act to shield landowners and farmers from government overreach and the SAVE Moms and Babies Act to protect mothers, babies, and unborn children.”


Rep. Lisa McClain said, “The Chinese Communist Party is hellbent on becoming the world’s number one superpower, and they will stop at nothing to make that happen. We know that leader Xi Jinping and his commie cronies have committed horrific human rights crimes and are actively working against the interests of the United States and the free world. It’s time we take strong action and issue financial and visa sanctions on Xi and the members of China’s Central Committee. Come hell or high water, the U.S. must not give way to the CCP.”


Rep. Debbie Lesko said, “I am honored that my Women’s Bill of Rights and Dismemberment Abortion Ban Act have been included in this year’s RSC budget, which is the most pro-life budget in history. The Republican Study Committee has demonstrated we are not only fighting to restore fiscal sanity in Washington, D.C., but we will work to protect women from the Biden Administration’s radical gender ideology and the fundamental right to life for preborn babies from extreme Democrats’ abortion on demand agenda.”


Rep. Randy Feenstra said, “The American people elected a Republican majority in the House of Representatives to stop President Biden’s destructive policies, end wasteful government spending, promote American energy production, secure our open border, and restore fiscal responsibility in the halls of Congress. In stark contrast to President Biden’s nearly $7-trillion budget, the Republican Study Committee’s budget achieves these conservative priorities and balances in just seven years. I’m also proud that the RSC budget includes two of my bills, the COST Act, which would prevent Biden’s forced transition to electric vehicles on our families, and Sarah’s Law, which would detain, punish, and deport violent illegal immigrants who kill or harm American citizens. As a fiscal conservative, I strongly support this Republican policy blueprint that will balance the federal budget, reduce our $32-trillion debt, and build a stronger economy for our families, farmers, and main street businesses.”


Rep. Nathaniel Moran said, “The influx of illegal immigration at our southern border has been ignored for too long. Millions of illegal immigrants reap the benefits of living in our great country without contributing through taxes. The Border Security Investment Act establishes a remittance fee – equal to the highest tax rate – on money transfers sent to the top five nations contributing to illegal immigration. This revenue will establish a new trust fund dedicated to secure our southern border and reimburse border states, like Texas, that bear the brunt of the current administration’s border crisis. Thank you to Chairman Hern and Chairman Cline for your leadership in developing a strategic budget that also addresses illegal immigration at the border.”


Rep. Mark Green said, “Prioritizing our future military readiness is critical. That’s why I’m proud my bill prohibiting Critical Race Theory in military service academies has been included in RSC’s FY24 budget: Protecting America’s Economic Security. With current recruiting and retention challenges, we need to teach our future servicemembers that we live in a nation worth defending. This next generation of men and women will go on to defend our nation—it’s time to draw the line. CRT has no place in our service academies.”


Rep. Jerry Carl said, “I’m especially proud that a bill I worked on – the Unleashing American Energy Act – is included in RSC’s budget. My bill fights back on the Biden administration’s war on our domestic energy production by mandating oil and gas lease sales each year in the Gulf of Mexico and off Alaska’s coast. Folks all across this country have suffered long enough as a result of this Administration’s disastrous energy policies, so it’s way past time for us to unleash American energy production.”

Rep. French Hill said, “It is critical that we work towards balancing the budget and getting our economy back on track. RSC’s budget remains the only budget in Congress that balances – I thank Chairman Hern for his leadership in prioritizing a sensible agenda that embodies many conservative values and for including my provisions that fight inflation and help Americans get back to work.”

The RSC Budget has received support from numerous outside groups as well. You can see all the statements of support here.


HERE is the text of the FY ’24 Budget, Protecting America’s Economic Security.