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U.S. Rep. Kevin Hern of Tulsa Votes Against Nonbinding Resolutions

Staff Report, The Oklahoma City Sentinel

U.S. Representative Kevin Hern of Tulsa released a statement after voting against two nonbinding resolutions regarding ongoing negotiations with railway workers’ unions.
Rep. Hern voted “NO” on House Joint Resolution 100 & House Concurrent Resolution 119.
His communications staff sent an email to The Oklahoma City Sentinel concerning his opposition to the resolutions.
“Over many decades in business, I successfully navigated numerous contract negotiations without the federal government’s interference,” Hern said.
“Just last month, Biden was bragging about his mediation over a new deal; now, the White House is begging Congress to fix it. It’s not Congress’ job to clean up the Biden Administration’s messes. A rail strike would impact every single American – no one wants it to come to that. However, these nonbinding resolutions will not get any party closer to an agreement.”