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Hern helped over 900 constituents with federal agencies, 3 bills signed into law in 2021

Representative Kevin Hern (OK-01) closed out 2021 with a record number of constituent casework completed. Rep. Hern and his staff closed just over 900 cases in 2021 for constituents facing issues with federal agencies, more than double pre-pandemic numbers. 

“The two most important aspects of my service to Oklahoma’s First District are casting my vote in the House of Representatives and helping my constituents deal with federal agencies,” said Rep. Hern. “In 2020 and 2021, my office received a record number of requests for assistance with federal agencies, largely due to the pandemic and economic impact of COVID shutdowns. I am proud of my team and their dedication to serving Oklahomans. If you need help with a federal agency, do not hesitate to call my office.” 

Members of Congress can intercede on behalf of their constituents to resolve issues like passport renewal, retrieval of veterans’ records, problems with the IRS, immigration cases, and more. 

Following tax season and multiple stimulus payments, the agency with the largest amount of requests was the Internal Revenue Service with over 200 cases closed in 2021. The other top requests from constituents came from issues with the State Department, Department of Veterans Affairs, the National Personnel Records Center, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, and the Social Security Administration.

Rep. Hern introduced 12 bills to the House of Representatives in 2021 and co-sponsored 137 bills, four of which passed the House and three were signed into law by President Biden. Rep. Hern offered 28 amendments to legislation including the Build Back Broke reconciliation package, the Biden Rescue Plan, the PRO Act, and HR 1. He led 12 letters to government agencies and officials, several with bipartisan support from 100+ Members of Congress. 

Rep. Hern’s Tulsa office phone number is (918) 935-3222. Learn more about services from Rep. Hern’s office at Hern.House.Gov