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Hern votes against swampy maneuver to raise debt ceiling

Representative Kevin Hern (OK-01) released the following statement after voting against Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s rule vote to ‘deem’ the debt limit increase passed without a vote on any real legislation.

“Today, the House of Representatives voted to raise the debt ceiling rather than confront the true problem: unchecked spending,” said Rep. Hern. “Democrats are unwilling to slow down, so their options are raise the debt ceiling or crash right through it and send the country into a debt crisis. Let me be clear: this is a crisis of the Democrats’ own making. Pelosi repeatedly proves that she doesn’t care about bipartisanship in the bills she brings to the floor, so she should not expect bipartisanship to save her from defaulting on our debts. To make matters even worse, they’re passing the debt limit increase disguised in a rule vote. That’s cowardly, undemocratic, and incredibly misleading to the American people. It’s long past time to restore fiscal responsibility and legislative integrity to Congress.”