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Hern reaffirms support for US ally Israel

Representative Kevin Hern (OK-01) released the following statement in support of US ally Israel following attacks from Hamas this week. Today, Rep. Hern joined a resolution condemning Hamas and reaffirming American support for Israel.

“Like much of the world, I’ve watched in horror as thousands of rockets rained down on Israeli homes and families this week,” said Rep. Hern. “While Israel is targeting Hamas terrorists with the goal of taking out dangerous individuals and anti-tank missiles, Hamas is targeting Israeli citizens with the goal of killing as many civilians as possible. Hamas is determined to bring about the complete destruction of Israel. Our allies in Israel need us now more than ever. I wholeheartedly stand with Israel and will continue to pray for the Israeli families whose lives have been forever changed this week. People in Gaza are suffering under the Tehran-backed terrorists as well. They deserve better than terrorist leaders who use civilians as a shield against deserved retaliation from Israel.”