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Hern condemns Biden’s budget request: ‘an unprecedented disaster’

After President Joe Biden and OMB Acting Director Shalanda Young submitted their FY2022 Discretionary Request to Congress, RSC Budget and Spending Task Force Chairman Representative Kevin Hern (OK-01) released the following statement. The request includes exorbitant spending for Green New Deal priorities while failing to address the ongoing economic fallout of COVID-19 shutdowns and ignores necessary steps to return American workers to the workforce.

“Both parties have had a spending problem over the last several years, but the Biden Administration has turned that problem into an unprecedented disaster in less than three months,” said Rep Hern. “President Biden and Congressional Democrats are treating American taxpayers like an ATM – spending YOUR tax dollars on anything they can think of. Without even a modest attempt at bipartisanship, Biden has turned his back on everything he promised the American people. He stood in front of Congress, Americans, and the world on Inauguration Day and committed to unity, transparency, and integrity. He has failed us on every count.”

Rep. Hern continued, “What Biden announced today is nothing close to a budget; it’s a checklist for the most radical, expensive policies our nation has ever seen. I’m working with my colleagues on the Budget & Spending Task Force to develop a true budget that confronts our spending habits, balances over time, and gets us back on the path to fiscal responsibility.”

The Republican Study Committee Budget and Spending Task Force, led by Rep. Hern, is developing a Republican Budget that reflects conservative values and puts responsible spending parameters in place. This includes a 1% cut across every federal agency and department. The Republican Budget will balance in less than 10 years.