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ICYMI: Hern urges Democrats to publicly vote for legislation they've privately supported

Representative Kevin Hern (OK-01) spoke on the House floor this morning urging Republicans and Democrats alike to vote against the Previous Question, allowing for consideration of HR 8265, a bill that would extend the Paycheck Protection Program through the end of the year and provide further relief to American small businesses and workers.

You can watch the video here.

Remarks as prepared:

Mr. Speaker, I urge defeat of the previous questions so that we can immediately move to debate and pass H.R. 8265 and stop playing politics with American businesses and jobs.

We all can name at least one favorite establishment that is now an economic casualty of coronavirus. Many small businesses are hurting and they need our help.

We came to get together in an incredible bipartisan way this spring to create the paycheck protection program, but the fallout of these shutdowns are lasting longer than any of us dared believe and our communities are now in need of swift action. That's exactly why we need a vote on H.R. 8265, which Democrat leadership is currently preventing.

There is over $135 five billion still sitting in the funds that are authorized and appropriated. This bill gives small businesses with 25 percent revenue losses and under 300 employees the opportunity for a second cut at the PPP loan, it sets aside $25 billion specifically for mom and pop businesses with less than 10 employees and simplifies the forgiveness process for loans under $150,000.

Do it today! Do it today, we have plenty of time.

To make it simple, passing this bill saves jobs, doing nothing sends those same people to the unemployment lines.

The bills we are voting on today will never become law. Messaging bills can wait. Extending this program cannot.

I know that many of my colleagues across the aisle are frustrated with the lack of action on this issue. They like this bill and know it would help our communities. I know this because many have told me personally. If half of the Democrats who privately told me they supported this legislation would vote for it, it would pass overwhelmingly. So I call on them today to stand up and do what's right. Your communities need you in this moment.

America needs us all in this moment.

I ask the Democrat leaders to stop playing politics with American businesses and jobs. I urge defeat of the previous question and immediate consideration of H.R. 8265.

I yield back.