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ICYMI: Rep. Hern speaks at Whirlpool Distribution Center Grand Opening in Tulsa

Washington, March 7, 2020 | Miranda Dabney

Tulsa, OK – Representative Kevin Hern (OK-01) spoke at the grand opening of the new Whirlpool Distribution Center in Tulsa on March 6. The 800,000 square-foot facility will create around 150 new jobs for the Tulsa area.

Highlights from Rep. Hern’s remarks are below, as prepared.

“Thank you for the invitation to celebrate the ribbon cutting of this incredible new factory distribution center at Whirlpool. As a businessman for more than three decades before going to Congress, I can assure you that I love these days, not just because a day like this one is great for Tulsa and our community – which it is – but also because I know how much hard work was put in by so many people to make the growth and expansion that we see here today possible…

“I know that a lot of people, worked extraordinarily long hours to make this moment a reality. And this growth would certainly not be possible without this facility’s workers, many of which are here today. I applaud each and every one of you.

“Today, is also extremely special for all of us because of the commitment of Whirlpool to this community. There’s a rich history of Whirlpool as company and an equally important history of the business right here in Tulsa. But that commitment is not surprising, because that is just the nature of this company. While Whirlpool is one of the globe’s leading manufacturers of home appliances, with billions of sales every single year, the company does so much than that.

“They have received awards and recognition for being one of the world’s most admired companies and for being one of the most-Veteran friendly companies for our US servicemen and women in the military. But more than that, they have a track record of investing in the communities in which they operate and the people who make this business what it is.  They have work tirelessly to build their business into the world-class company that it has become over the last 100 years…

“I will close with this. Despite the constant bickering and theatrics in Washington, D.C., moments like this remind me of why I left my private life to go serve in Congress: to fight for hard working men and women to wake up in the morning with just a little more opportunity ahead of them then they had when they went to bed… And that the children they tucked in that night will have a brighter future than they themselves could have ever imagined, all because a few people stood fast for the principles that have consistently allowed this country to grow and thrive: The principles of hard work, free-enterprise, limited and common-sense governance, and partnership.

“Together, if we continue to stay true to these ideals, we will celebrate many more of these moments and ensure enormous opportunity for generations of Oklahomans.”